STM Publishing

Publishing Services Customized to Client Requirements

Publishers of STM books and journals face day to day challenges in bringing out the material within the required time, meeting all specifications. In this digital era, technology is taking huge strides day by day and publishers strive to keep in pace in order to provide the best products to their customers. The STM publishing industry now utilizes advanced technology and techniques in the production of books and journals, with publishers aiming to provide content through a range of platforms such as online and e-book readers as well as mobile devices. STM publishers can benefit immensely from quality service providers that offer excellent support for books and journals published in print as well as electronic formats.

STM Publishing Made Simpler with Innovative Technology

Whether in editorial production, page composition, artwork and design, or quality control, publishers now have innovative technology available that can be maximized. Individual document management systems (DMS) help to maintain style and language requirements for each journal or book. Quality and efficiency can be considerably improved using innovative techniques such as auto reference structuring, auto pagination and auto edit. Publishers can utilize excellent technology that is ideally configured to meet specific layout and publishing requirements.

The major considerations in STM publishing include:

  • The ideal digital strategy to use
  • Effective file formats that can be used
  • Making content available in these formats
  • Making content available online and offline
  • Editorial and proofreading expertise
  • The ideal communications infrastructure
  • Efficient project management
  • Maintaining integrity of data
  • Project delivery on time and within budget

Dedicated Pre-press Support for STM Publishing

Publishers working on a tight schedule can benefit immensely from pre-press service providers. Experienced providers ensure comprehensive solutions that will meet the growing needs of the publishing industry. With the right combination of advanced technology, outstanding professionals and more than a hundred years of combined experience in the publishing industry, ADT provides its clients with full-service typesetting and related solutions. We can provide customized publishing services for STM journals and STM books in print or electronic formats.

Our publishing solutions will enhance your efficiency and competitiveness and ensure tangible results, both short term and long term. We allow no room for error with our stringent multilevel quality assurance process. We focus on delivering your projects within your budget and turnaround time.