Abstract & Indexing

Ascender Digital Technologies offers you professional abstract & indexing services to simplify end-user access to content. Being a digital publishing company committed to maintaining consistently high standards, we are always experimenting with new technologies and methodologies. Presently, our efficient team includes experts in subjects such as medicine, law, religion, academics, history, biography writing, engineering, finance and economics. As such, they are qualified to tag content in diverse and difficult disciplines.

Our Abstract and Indexing Services

Our professional editors and proofreaders are experienced in editing both simple text and text that is highly technical. We undertake small and big projects for copyediting, content editing, language editing, technical editing, and proofreading.

Rely on us to give you original illustrations, designs, graphics, and animations for your print works. We do image scanning and management, map generation, contract color proofing and color scanning.

With our skilled manpower and resources, we can design, create and maintain custom XML and other publishing applications.

We use advanced software such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, 3B2, Quark Xpress, and Tex/Latex for template creation and other aspects of page composition.

We develop meaningful abstracts to give your customers a value added reading experience when they peruse your content.

Our custom digitization services aid in content retrieval, modification, transmission, and use. We can convert your content to a suitable format with a suitable layout as per your requirements.

This includes PDF development and manipulation, creation and extraction of tagged text, pre-flighting and workflow using Esko Odystar software, and data extraction from PDFs.

We efficiently handle all aspects of your project while meeting your desired turnaround.

This includes journal administration, journal issue management, printing and warehousing, and project management for journals and books.