Ascender Digital Technologies ’s production expertise extends across a gamut of industries including elementary and higher education, scientific, legal, medical, and STM publishing. Using the latest technology, we give you quality and high return solutions for the typesetting jobs you entrust us with. Our solutions strictly comply with industry norms and match the continuously evolving requirements of our customers.

Our Typesetting Services

Based in Coimbatore, India and with representatives in the US and UK, Ascender Digital Technologies is a one-stop and reliable provider of page composition solutions. We convert unformatted and raw data of multiple kinds into a directly publishable, defined and consistent document format as per customer specifications. Our composition solutions help publishers ensure consistency of style and cost-effectiveness for batch production runs. We perform the following page composition services:

  • Creation and development of templates
  • Incorporation of headers, footers, and page numbers
  • Development of page layouts
  • Application of Quark Xpress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker and other advanced tools for the composition of MML, CRC, XTG, XML, and Tagged Text Files
  • Page composition using 3B2 and Tex/LaTex
  • Incorporation of colored quotes, bold text, italicized headlines and other special features to create a powerful impact
  • Utilization of symmetrical and asymmetrical alignment schemes

Once we have finished with the task of page composition, we upload the pages so that you can preview the composed pages and submit your feedback to us. You can send your files for composition to us in hard copy (written, scanned, or typed) or soft copy format (CD) or just upload them to our secure FTP server. We would send you the completed output in your preferred format.

We have state-of-the-art quality control solutions in place and are capable of meeting tight deadlines to give our customers maximum service satisfaction.