Ascender Digital Technologies Private Limited is a leader when it comes to smart media publishing and games development. Our team of talented and hardworking media professionals has extensive experience in affordable CD-ROM publishing and in the development of interactive, innovative and thoroughly engaging games. Quality, reliability, short turnaround and superior customer service distinguish our solutions.

Our Games Development Solutions

Our games developers use their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to deliver fine gaming experiences. We interact with our customers to find out what their requirements are. As far as possible, we endeavor to exceed their expectations. We also take advantage of community feedback for a better gaming experience. Our development services are directed at various platforms:

  • Personal computers
  • PDAs
  • Mobile Phones
  • The Internet

Our Flash game development solutions would be a great hit when they are used on your website. Owing to the addictive nature of the games, visitors would like to make revisits. What’s more, if the users had fun playing the game on your website, they would most probably share the URL with other people. This eventually means more traffic for your website.

Our CD ROM Publishing Solutions

CD ROMs are portable, durable, and can be used to store a large amount of data. Our CD-ROM publishing services benefit educational content developers, gaming companies, engineering companies, and book and journal publishers.

  • Corporate presentations having various language versions
  • Publication for PDF integrated workflows with encryption, database projects, and abstracts, proceedings and conferences with complete search capabilities
  • Creation of content containing images, technical illustrations, floor plans, animation, links that lead to the World Wide Web and so on
  • Designing solutions for CD packaging
  • Creation and combination of various kinds of digital media
  • Creation of test CD-ROMs

We are experts at both conventional and customized publication and in the utilization of one-off recorders.