Journal Administration

To survive in the publishing industry, publishers must continue to grow and maintain their competitive advantage. Ascender Digital Technologies Private Limited offers journal administration solutions that give you time to focus on the issues that matter to your client or organization. Managed professionally and operated on the most modern techniques, ADT works with utmost professionalism and is always responsive to your needs.

Support and Assistance in all Areas of Journal Administration

Our journal administration services are available to global publishers across various segments such as STM, academics, higher education, school, trade, and more. Our goal is to provide clients with the very best market intelligence and administration support services to enable them to compete in this competitive environment. Thus as your partner, we will help you reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Journal Administration Services Tailored to Your Needs

At Ascender Digital Technologies Private Limited, we oversee the complete range of activities associated with journal administration. Whether it is to manage the typesetting work of STM journals, processing paperwork or managing review process, we can support your specific requirements.

  • Editorial administration services
  • Production & QA management
  • Distribution and fulfillment management
  • Scheduling and managing production
  • Printing and production
  • Financial reporting
  • Project management
  • Marketing coordination
  • Strategic planning
  • Records management
  • Coordinating with internal and external clients

Whatever may be your needs, our team of professionals plan, coordinate, and direct a broad range of services and ensure that all your needs are consistently addressed quickly and expertly.