Digitization & Conversion

For all your single project or mass digitization & conversion requirements, Ascender Digital Technologies Private Limited is the one name you can trust. While our data conversion services help you get your data in the format most suitable for your purpose, our document and audio visual digitization solutions aid easy accessibility. We give you the assurance of accuracy, quality comparable to international standards, data security and confidentiality, and timeliness. However big your project and however tight the deadline, we’ll complete the task in the best way possible and on time.

An important specialization of ours is the development of iPad eBooks and interactive eBooks. The iPad eBooks we develop are characterized by convenient navigation and easy downloading and readability. They permit the incorporation of high resolution images and the addition of digital bookmarks. Our interactive eBooks are rich and innovative.

Our other Data Conversion and Digitization Solutions

  • Conversion of PDF documents to SGML and XML formats
  • EPUB Conversion – We do the conversions as per IDPF standards and the latest version of ePubCheck is used for validation of the output
  • Conversion of formats such as Word or PDF to eBook files that can be read with Amazon’s Kindle, the Barnes & Noble Nook or with other eBook readers
  • XML authoring – Translators, Schemas, DTD, Style Sheets and so on
  • Converting the complete content of a page from Word to Quark, Quark to InDesign or another DTP package
  • Converting VHS and audio tapes to CDs and DVDs
  • Form processing
  • Handwritten data entry
  • Scanning and drawing out content using OCR
  • Microfiche/microfilm digitization to PDF, JPEG, and XML formats
  • Conversion of TIFF files to other formats
  • Conversions from newspapers and other hard copy formats to soft copy formats
  • OCR+Key verification or Bi/Tri compare validation to ensure quality standards very close to the 100 percent mark
  • Transcription services

To maintain consistently high standards for our end products, we utilize advanced data conversion technology and digital imaging equipment, modern workstations, and superior servers and scanners.