Abstract & Indexing

Ascender Digital Technologies Private Limited offers you professional abstract & indexing services to simplify end-user access to content. Being a digital publishing company committed to maintaining consistently high standards, we are always experimenting with new technologies and methodologies. Presently, our efficient team includes experts in subjects such as medicine, law, religion, academics, history, biography writing, engineering, finance and economics. As such, they are qualified to tag content in diverse and difficult disciplines.

Our Abstract and Indexing Services

  • Customized Abstracts - These abstracts are created as per the client’s instructions with respect to methodology, purpose, format, industry, pre-defined topics, and timelines.
  • Creating Tags and Taxonomies - Tags and taxonomies are created based on acronyms, synonyms, spelling variations, and abbreviations to obtain meaningful keywords.
  • Indexing – Topic based headings are provided by geography, subject, document, cataloging, photo/image, numeric value, context, numeric value, event, book, name and/or subject descriptors.
  • Bibliographic Indexing – We develop database records for all documents, capturing Bates range, title, author, recipient, data, document type, cc and document characteristics.

Features that Distinguish Our Service

  • Well-versed in XML and semantic web standards
  • The abstracts are cogent and lucid and have all the essential points which makes it easier for readers to decide whether or not they should purchase or download the content
  • Experts at delivering difficult technology services with content mark-ups
  • Proficient in developing data models utilizing a variety of standards
  • Our taxonomy insertion makes for user-friendly internet searching
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Customized turnaround
  • Good customer service